November Business Update

Hi boos!
How are you going?
Once again, another month has rolled around and we are left feeling so grateful, inspired and encouraged by our amazing supporters and followers. November has been busy, as most of our team members are students and were heads-down focusing on exams. Meanwhile, preparations for our Christmas campaign have begun and we are very excited to introduce that to you very soon. The month has been filled with general business activities, preparing for a busy summer of selling! We have introduced a new series of product pictures, with our pads and tampons photographed amongst the food/items/things that our followers crave on their period.

Our in house photographer Lolly has had great fun photographing the boxes alongside the chocolate, lollies, and biccies that were left after the obligatory taste test! Now that exams are over, we are super excited to launch into this Christmas season, full steam ahead! Have a beautiful month until we see you again! Sending our love over this Christmas period.

Eloise and Izzy xx

Alicia Franceschini

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