Where does my money go when I buy TABOO products?

If you know how the social enterprise model works you will know first and foremost that TABOO functions as a regular company. This means we must pay for the manufacture and delivery of our product, administration, accounting and legal fees – and hopefully one day, wages. After all these costs are covered, we will dedicate all remaining profit to an organisation called One Girl, which supports girls and women in Sierra Leone and Uganda. To read more about what they do, click here.

Do you currently have paid employees?

Nope! But we do have an unbelievably hardworking and committed team of nine volunteers that make TABOO function. We will eventually pay wages to staff as the company grows, however, this isn’t feasible at this early stage of the company. We are committed to being financially transparent, so when we do start paying wages, we will definitely let you know.

Have you considered the women needing menstrual support in Australia?

We sure have! Period poverty certainly needs to be tackled in Australia, in both big cities and remote communities. Through our Subscribe page you can purchase any number of pads and/or tampon packages as a gift to someone in need. These donations can be made to women supported by either the St Vincent de Paul Society or the Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Women’s Council. And, you don’t even need to pay postage – we will personally deliver the donated products. To read more about these organisations, click here.

What is the environmental impact of using these products?

Here at TABOO, we want to care for Mother Earth – and we’ve carefully selected manufacturers, materials, packaging, and other things along the supply chain that care for her too.

The biggest environmental advantage of our products is that they’re made with ethically sourced organic cotton. Not only is this much kinder to your body than the synthetic/rayon materials found in most other sanitary brands, it breaks down much faster too. Most of the pads and tampons you find in the supermarket take at least 500 years to break down – how crazy is that!

The factory that manufactures our product also runs off hydroelectricity from a water stream on their property, and the boxes that hold our cotton treasures are made from recycled cardboard. When distributing orders we re-use the cardboard boxes the products are shipped in, and of course, both these delivery boxes and the smaller pad/tampon boxes can be recycled again.

What is the significance of TABOO’s name and logo?

Many different taboos exist everywhere, in every culture. It’s taboo to talk about sex, addiction, abortion (and even chewing gum in Singapore)! The taboo that we’re concerned about is the taboo of menstruation, which to varying degrees, is prevalent throughout nearly every culture.

In Australia, periods aren’t generally considered an appropriate topic of conversation, especially around guys. But in Iran, periods are so stigmatised they’re widely considered a disease. In Sierra Leone, sanitary pads are thought to cause infertility. In India, many girls are banished from their own communities while they’re bleeding.

These more extreme menstrual taboos result in a lack of access to appropriate menstrual health care and education. Not only does this leave girls and women in unsafe situations, it inhibits them from school, work, and their normal way of life. This is why we have called our company TABOO. We want to offer Australians the chance to empower other women through the shared experience of menstruation.

We chose our logo to be a spot because it represents the unpredictable ‘spotting’ in the menstrual cycle. Our logo is dark pink with a red outline, and this lack of contrasting colours is also a taboo in the graphic design world.

What is the process of buying and receiving TABOO’s sanitary products?

We sell TABOO Sanitary Products to Australian customers through either single purchases or online subscriptions – where you can choose how much/which product you’d like to receive, as well as how often you’d like to receive them. This allows for a stress-free period, as you’ll always have pads and tampons handy! These subscriptions can also be cancelled at any time. Hopefully, one day you’ll be able to buy TABOO Sanitary Products from regular supermarkets, but for now, head here for your monthly fix.