Where does my money go when I buy products from TABOO? 

If you know how the social enterprise model works you will know that first and foremost, TABOO will function as a regular company. This means paying for stock, administration and accounting fees, legal matters and eventually wages. After all these costs have been covered, we will be dedicating all remaining profit to an organisation called OneGirl. If you’d like to know more about the projects we support please click here!

Do you currently have paid employees?

Nope! But we do have an unbelievably hardworking and committed team of 9 that make TABOO function! We will eventually pay wages to staff as the company grows, however, it’s not feasible this early on in the company’s life. We are committed to being financially transparent so when we do start paying wages, we will be sure to let you know! 

Have you considered the women needing menstrual support in Australia?

We sure have! Period poverty certainly needs to be tackled in Australia, both in the big cities and in remote communities. If you head to our “Subscribe” page you will be able to subscribe to TABOO’s product for another woman who is either living rough in the city of Adelaide or is living in Community Australia. We work with organisations to re-distribute our products that are bought by you, to women who are in need of them in Australia. Click here to learn more. 

What is the environmental impact of using these products?

TABOO loves Mother Earth so the selection of our manufacturers and other suppliers has been strict in terms of environmental impact. The factory that creates our organic cotton pads and tampons runs off of hydroelectricity from the stream on their property, the cotton is ethically sourced, and the boxes that hold our cotton treasures are made from recycled cardboard! The boxes of course can also be recycled themselves. Organic cotton breaks down much faster than regular synthetic/rayon materials that are used in other brands. If you use pads and tampons and want to remain conscious of your environmental impact, TABOO is for you!

What is the significance of TABOO’s name and logo?\

Taboos exist everywhere in every culture. It’s taboo to talk about sex, addiction, abortion (and even chewing gum in Singapore)! The taboo that we’re concerned about is the taboo of menstruation, which is riddled through nearly all cultures in one way or another. In Australia, periods are not something that is generally an appropriate topic of conversation, especially around guys! In countries such as Nepal, periods are so taboo that a menstruating woman is forbidden to even glance at a cow in fear that she will curse the animal. These more extreme menstrual taboos contribute to the disempowerment of women by restricting access to appropriate menstrual health care or education. This is why we have called our company TABOO. We want to offer Australians the chance to empower other women through the shared experience of menstruation, which is a common taboo to us all. Our logo is mostly pink, however it’s lined with red on the outside. The lack of contrast between the colours red and pink is a taboo in the graphic-design world. We chose our logo to be a spot because it represents a stage of menstruation: “spotting”.

What would be the process of buying and receiving TABOO’s sanitary products?

We predominantly sell our sanitary products through our online subscription platform where you can choose how often you’d like your products delivered and how much/which product you’d like to receive. This allows for a stress-free period, as you’ll always have product handy! You will also be able to buy TABOO’s product as a once-off purchase if you’d like to try it out before you subscribe. Eventually, you’ll be able to buy TABOO’s product from your regular supermarkets, but for the time being tabooau.co is the place to go.