"1 in 10 girls around the world can't afford period products"

Period poverty is brutal, unjust and far too prevalent. TABOO was established to address this issue with compassion and power, fuelled by you, the consumer.

Period poverty

What is Period Poverty? 

Period Poverty refers to the experience where someone cannot access or afford appropriate period products or education. An experience that far too many people are familiar with, both in Australia and around the world. 

It's reported that over 800 million women are currently living in period poverty around the world.

Why is it important?

Those experiencing period poverty encounter various physical, mental and social consequences. When menstruators don't have access to period products, their school and work attendance can be affected. They can encounter severe health and reproductive issues by using alternative materials (e.g., old socks, mattress rippings), and shame and embarrassment experienced. 



Profit Donation

OneGirl provides comprehensive support to young girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda, allowing them to be the best they can be, through educational support programs.

They provide these girls with resources such as toilet facilities, learning materials, school uniforms, internet and the most underrated and powerful of them all... PADS! 

One Girl has provided 10, 825 young women with business and life skills. 

When a girl is educated:

- She is twice as likely to educate her future children.

- 90% of her future income will be re-invested into her family.

- Her increased knowledge, improved health and improved access to stable employment will help mitigate the effects of climate change! (it's crazy but true).

TABOO is not yet in a position to sustainably donate to OneGirl, however, in the mean time, we are doing what we can to eliminate Period Poverty in Australia through our Pad it Forward Program!

Learn more about OneGirl 



Product Donation

Pad It Forward - Supporting those experiencing period poverty in Australian. 

As you now know, period poverty is not a foreign issue and TABOO is here to help eradicate it in Australia and around the globe. How? This is where you come in! 

Between 2019 and 2020 we have donated over 1,000 boxes of pads.

Our Pad it Forward Program allows YOU to purchase TABOO pads on behalf of someone else in Australia! 

TABOO has partnered with organisations that support people at risk of period poverty in Australia. These people may be fleeing domestic violent situations, living in poverty or are geographically isolated from affordable period products.  

We check in with our partners each month to ensure they are stocked up with pads. This program is completely free for the organisations - funded simply by your subscription on behalf of another person!

Please subscribe if you haven't already. To support 1 woman each month can cost you as little as $7 per month.  

Support the Australian Outreach program