Divine Feminine, 2021 - Em Fennell (she/her)

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Acrylic on canvas 101 x 154 cm

The Divine Feminine is derived from the concept that "men and women" are not opposites but exist as complementary energies alongside each other. Growth, whether it's spiritual, physical or emotional, is dependent on feminine energy, in that we give life to something that was not there before.

Emily Fennell is a second-generation emerging artist based on the East Coast of Australia in Burleigh Heads. Em's work encourages people to feel every emotion, almost as deeply as the artist does herself; however, spoken in a fun, bright, inviting way. Light-hearted yet profound in meaning, Em's paintings express visual poetics of the crazy ins and outs of life, composed in a range of mediums.⁣ // @emfendesigns