Nhibu Anggi Ngunda “Aboriginal women’s journey”, 2021 - Codi and Kira Buckskin (she/her)

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Acrylic paints on canvas with Tasmanian oak framing, 110 x 80 cm

As young Aboriginal women who are blessed enough to share their culture through art and storytelling, we wanted to capture and represent both metropolitan and rural Aboriginal women’s life experiences. We are often surrounded by strong black women who empower and inspire us every day, not only the ones we know personally but any black woman who strives to be her best in a world that continues to marginalize and oppress them; this is a story about and for them.

Ngadli Art was founded by Narungga/Wirangu sisters Codi and Kira Buckskin, two Aboriginal artists and storytellers. Using a combination of traditional dot work and contemporary design, Codi and Kira interpret their cultural history and stories through a unique contemporary approach.