In early December 2017, TABOO will be launching it’s major crowd funding campaign. In the space of 2 months, we, as a community, must donate enough money to reach our goal of $48,000. If this goal is not achieved within this time frame, TABOO will receive none of the funding and we will not have enough money to purchase our fist batch of TABOO branded sanitary products.

Once we start selling these Sanitary Products, we can begin donating 100% of our profits to programs that support women around the world on their period!

As a donor, you will receive rewards according to the value of your donation, and you will be amongst the community that is responsible for TABOO’s initial funding! How amazing!

Once the campaign begins, a link will be available on this page. Please head to our blog or socials to receive the latest updates.


People are at the heart of TABOO, and that is why conversation is so important to us. Please feel confident to mention TABOO’s mission on social media, word of mouth or any other way possible – it’s amazing how powerful it is! Listed below are many ways that you can support us, without giving up your time and money!

  • Like or follow us on social media (@taboosanitaryproducts)
  • Share your favourite of our photos on Facebook
  • Mention TABOO’s mission in conversation
  • Sneakily leave our website open on your desktop for the next user to find!
  • Please contact us if you have more ideas to add!


If you are in a position to financially support, but aren’t interested in our products, here is your chance!

Every cent that goes toward this cause is dedicated indirectly or directly to help provide girls with access to sanitary products and education about menstrual health.

Please also head to our blog to follow the impact!

Please enter below how much you are willing to donate to TABOO: