Currently, we are keenly anticipating the arrival of our very own TABOO organic cotton pads and tampons! Our products will be sold to the Australian market as of August, 2019! In the meantime, we are sharply focused on spreading the word and stimulating as much excitement about our launch as possible. The bottom line is that the more customers we have, the more product we sell and this will directly translate to the amount which we will then channel into sanitary projects!

Continue reading to find out how you can help us in the lead up to the big launch!


If you would like to stay in the loop while awaiting the arrival of our product, please subscribe to our newsletter which you will find at the bottom of our home page. You can also follow us on Instagram @taboosanitaryproducts. This way, you’ll be first to know when our product becomes available for purchase!

HOT TIP: There will soon be an option to pre-order and pre-subscribe.


People and community are the heart of TABOO, and that is why conversation is so important to us. Please feel confident in talking about TABOO’s brand and mission. Listed below are some ways that you can support us, without foregoing your time or money.

    • Mention TABOO’s mission to your friends and family
    • Start a conversation about menstruation. Let’s eradicate the taboo end the stigma!
    • Share your favourite of our photos on Facebook or Instagram
    • Sneakily leave our website open on your desktop for the next user to find!


If you would like to support us financially we’re extremely appreciative of any monetary donations.

All donations made to TABOO will help to fund projects that provide women and girls with access to sanitary products and education about menstrual health in Developing Countries.

The options for making a donation can be found below:

Via Credit or Debit Card:

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Via PayPal:

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