At TABOO, we are all about making change together. If you want to be involved in seeing TABOO’s mission realised in a very practical way, maybe you should consider becoming an ambassador!

An ambassador’s job is to promote and raise funds for TABOO within their local community or area of influence. We want to empower and encourage you to organise your own fundraisers and promotional events within your own schools, sporting clubs, community groups, churches and social circles.

Who should become a TABOO ambassador?

  • Someone who is looking for somewhere to donate funds from a fundraiser or event.
  • Someone who is looking for an excuse to hold a fun event with a good purpose behind it!
  • Someone who is passionate about TABOO’s mission, and wants to help in a hands on way.
  • Really just anyone who wants to join our crazy family!

 How do I become a TABOO ambassador?

  1. Email us at [email protected] and use the subject header ‘Sign me up as a TABOO ambassador!’ Introduce yourself and we’ll add you to our Ambassador mailing list.
  2. Download the Information Booklet (found on this page) and use it to convince anyone who needs convincing (perhaps a headmaster/sports coach/family member or friend) that TABOO is a worthy recipient of the funds you plan to raise!
  3. To let us know what you are planning and how we can help you, fill in the ‘Proposal Form’ and send it to [email protected] when you are ready.
  4. We will be in close contact to organise any resources you might need and the transfer of money after the event.
  5. From this point, your level of involvement in TABOO is completely up to you! You may choose to opt out of receiving our updates, or you may like to keep in the loop 🙂

Please head to our ‘How To Help’ page if you would like to support in a different way.