Eloise Hall – Co-Founder and Managing Director

Eloise, more commonly known to her friends and family as “Wheezie”, is one of the two founding directors of TABOO. After finishing high school in Adelaide, Eloise took a gap year to kick-start TABOO and do some travelling! She now studies a double degree of Business and International Studies at Flinders University, works part time, runs TABOO, lives out of home like a real adult AND seems to find enough time for her friends and family too. We think she may in fact be the real Wonder Woman. We will confirm with you when we find more evidence.

Isobel Marshall – Co-Founder and Director of Health & Education

Isobel (possibly the most loveable woman on the planet), is one half of the pair who founded and directs TABOO. After Izzy’s high school days she went to fulfil a couple of her dreams, one to live in Paris (which she did for three months) and the other to change the world, and this was done through kick-starting TABOO! Now you’ll be able to find Izzy studying her heart away in Medicine at Adelaide uni, and also in any cool cafe you can find in Adelaide. She sure loves her coffee, her friends and family, and of course her pack of beautiful dogs! 

Alicia Franceschini – Content Producer and Customer Service

Ali contacted the TABOO team in March 2018 after seeing one of our stickers at her uni. As soon as we met her, we knew it was meant to be! As our in-house journalist, Ali is responsible for our monthly newsletter “The Monthly Taboo” and our fortnightly blog posts. Ali does all of this alongside her full time job working in a marketing agency. She is also an incredible cat-mum to Gatsby, her very cheeky and fun loving black cat. This gal wears so many hats (all very stylish) and fits so much into her week. There are rumours that she is in fact magic.

Harriet Gray – Marketing Manager / Advisor

Harriet finished her degree in marketing at Adelaide University in 2018, and is now doing an honours year and working as a uni tutor. Harriet volunteers her time to TABOO as our marketing genius, designing and implementing strategic plans for us to promote our pads and tampons! Like Ali, Harriet is also a mother to an extremely spoilt cat who goes by the name of Lilah. When she’s not studying, working, volunteering or mothering, she can usually be found on the netball court. We’re yet to discover her secret to being so good at everything.

Zoe Alexiades – Technical Support Officer

Our amazing website designer Zoe lives in Melbourne and holds a Bachelor of Communication Design from Monash University. Zoe is in charge of making sure our website looks schmick, and designing graphics for us to use on social media and website platforms. We are so grateful for Zoe’s patience as she constantly has to explain how plugins, coding, servers, and “the cloud” work. Fun fact – we have only met Zoe through Skype calls! How new-age of us all!

Carrie Bishop – Volunteer and Club Co-Ordinator

Carrie flew into the world of TABOO upon the founders first international TABOO adventure, as their FANTASTIC travel agent in 2018. She set them on a plane with confidence and excitement and brings that positivity the team every meeting! Carrie is not only a brilliant travel agent with years of experience but also has a degree in event planning and has been a key volunteer for our chosen charity, OneGirl. Carrie is possibly the most perfect candidate EVER to take care of our beautiful volunteers and Uni Clubs. She constantly wears a smile and is always happy to meet new people, all whilst raising her beautiful son Cameron!

Ophelia Veloudos – Education Administrator

Education is super important to us here at TABOO, that’s why we’ve invited the all talented and passionate Ophelia onto the team to care for all our educational resources and opportunities! She’s currently completing a bachelor of laws and a bachelor of science at the university of Adelaide and has work experience in legal firms and hospitality. She’s passionate about womens sexual and re-productive rights and plans to use her law degree to represent the voices of women in these areas.

Alva Walshe – Digital Marketing Officer

Alva is our newest team member who brings remarkable marketing strategies and communication skills to the group. She’s full of energy and life and she’ll be bringing that vitality to your email inboxes with regular outreach and product updates! Like many of our other volunteers, Alva is a university student studying Marketing and Law at the university of Adelaide, and she’s eager to apply her learnings to her work with TABOO. Alva not only brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, but she also brings a world full of experiences having lived in Borneo, Denmark, the US and Australia! We are super blessed to have Alva on the team and can’t wait to see how she transforms our email marketing and more!