May Business Update

May Business Update

Another month of covid-19 restrictions has had the team strapped to computer screens and webcams for team meetings, catch ups and milestone conversations!

To start the month off, lots of our incredible ambassadors have been taking advantage of their spare time by dropping off some information flyers to people’s letterboxes in their neighbourhood, to spread the word about period poverty and how TABOO is combatting it. It’s been a great way for our ambassadors to introduce new people to our brand whilst keeping safe and healthy.

Speaking of letterboxes, we have an adorable range of postcards which are now added into every online delivery! They are blank, and have their postage pre-paid for so you can send a lovely message to someone you care about for free.

This month we have been blessed with yet another magnificent core team member, Ophelia! She’ll be jumping onto the team to help introduce some new resources for young people and will be supporting us in many other ways, we hope you’ll hear more from her soon!

EEEEP!!!! This month has been a HUGE success in the world of RETAIL! This week, TABOO’S product will be available from 22 National Pharmacies stores around South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales and we are THRILLED! National Pharmacies is incredibly well respected around the country and we feel honoured to be the first brand of organic cotton pads and tampons in their range. Please do your best to pop into a store and buy some off the shelf, and if you feel like it, let the cashiers know that your glad to see our product there!

We have another SA owned company who’s committed to stock our product in 122 stores in SA and we’re so excited to share the news with you in a couple of weeks’ time! We’re so grateful to see the conversation of period poverty open up over the last few months as people are becoming more and more educated about the issue. So much so, two big SA brands are choosing to host our product in their stores to break down the effects of period poverty.

Thank you always, for your support and kind words. We appreciate this community so much and wish everyone health and wellbeing in this season! 

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