Period Care for Your Students

If your students forgot to bring in their homework, they’ve probably forgotten their period products too. 

Why Supply Your School With Pads and Tampons

TABOO believes that the implementation of free and accessible period products within school has the power to reduce the effects of period poverty which are particularly prevalent in school-aged menstruators. Accessible period products creates an environment where menstruators are less worried about the stigmas associated with menstruation and more focused and productive.

 the tABOO range

Access to period products increases student focus and productivity by removing the distraction of being worried about periods arriving unexpectedly. Readily available period products increases overall student health, wellbeing and inclusivity in the school environment.  

Sustainable Organic Cotton Products 

Profits + advocacy efforts fighting period poverty

South Australian owned + female founded

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Here's how.

Step 1

We've done all the hard work! Fill TABOO's Tampon Calculator™ with your organisation's details, to understand how many period products your employees require. 

Step 2

Create a Cycle Supply Account and place your first order with the quantities given to you.

Step 3

Receive your period products and rest easy knowing we are one step closer to ending period poverty!

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