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TABOO is a newly launched business based in Adelaide. We exist to sell and distribute sanitary products around Australia, with profits used to provide sustainable sanitary care to women around the world who do not have access to such care. Our aim is to empower and transform the lives of women who are ostracised once a month from school, work or social interactions simply because of their period. The support of people like you will assist us to successfully launch the manufacturing and production of TABOO sanitary products in Australia, so that we can dedicate 100% of profits towards providing life changing sanitary care to women who need it! Have a look at our online shop to pre order, find out more about us or pledge to our cause.


In many developing and developed countries around the world, periods are considered to be completely taboo. Many girls are removed from their communities while they are bleeding and have limited or no access to appropriate and affordable sanitary products. Because there is no menstrual health education in many countries, the girls do not understand how or why they have begun to bleed when they get their first period. They will most likely assume that they are bleeding to death and have no one to talk to or ask for support. Currently 88% of menstruating women in India have no access to sanitary pads. Approximately 30% of girls in developing parts of the world will drop out of school when they hit puberty due to the lack of sanitary care available to them. Periods should never prevent anyone from having an education and this is what we are here to stop.


A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. Our aim at TABOO is to provide a top quality, affordable and world changing range of products available to anyone in Australia initially. 100% of our profits will be dedicated to funding programs that offer sanitary care, products and education to the women around the world who need it. Please enter this journey with us as we aim to eradicate the unnecessary trauma that so many women around the world have to face on their period! For the time being, we are focusing our energy on developing our customer base as well as creating a product to sell to our Australian market. Once we are selling our products and making profit, you will be able to read and hear about the life changing stories of the women we are helping! We can’t wait to have you on board.