TABOO'S Period Posse 

What is the Period Posse Ambassador Program? 

The TABOO team are not the only ones passionate about eradicating period poverty; you might be too! TABOO’s Period Posse offers an incredible way for passionate individuals to use their voice to make change around menstrual related issues. Being a member of TABOO’s period posse will allow you to connect with like minded individuals, develop skills and create change. TABOO’s period posse is designed to provide fundraising, leadership and advocacy opportunities to TABOO’s most passionate supporters to ultimately help advance TABOO and our mission. 

Members of the Period Posse will have the opportunity to learn about period poverty, menstruation, the social enterprise model and lead their own fundraising efforts. This may look like hosting fundraisers, contributing to TABOO’s marketing campaigns (such as Tag Your TABOO), lending a hand at TABOO events or promoting our product with a little more information and insight from the core team. 


Why Join?

As a member of TABOO’s Period Posse, you’ll join a network of passionate period advocates and change makers.

You will drive change within your own community by raising awareness of period related issues and by raising valuable funds to support TABOO’s mission of eradicating period poverty.

You will make great friends with other Period Posse members - bonding over none other than the universal experience of menstruation! Being a part of TABOO’s Period Posse is also a great addition to your resume through demonstrating passion, initiative, drive and empathy.

Ambassador tasks are designed to meet YOUR interests whilst contributing to the mission. We certainly won’t expect any task to be done if it’s not of interest to you. 

Who can Join?

Anyone who is passionate about anything period related - period poverty, menstrual education, open conversations, gender equality, female empowerment!

If you are determined to make change in the menstrual space, then we would love to have you! 

We are currently in the process of reshaping our Period Posse program to provide our ambassadors with more engaging opportunities to create an impact! If you have any interest in being involved with the Period Posse program, please leave your name and email in the form below and we will get back to you with more information. In the message box please write a couple of sentences explaining why you want to be involved and any ideas of how you would help advocate for our mission!