Period Care in Your Community

Supplying your community centres with pads and tampons is proven to help lift people out of period poverty.

Why Supply Your Community With Pads and Tampons?

TABOO believes that the implementation of free and accessible pads and tampons within community spaces, has the power to not only reduce the economic barriers to appropriate menstrual care but the power to help shape the community into a welcoming environment for all menstruators. So why is this so important?

  • Accessible period care reduces cost-of-living pressures on at-risk communities
  • Free access to pads and tampons reduces the likelihood of menstruators resorting to using unhygienic period care solutions
  • Accessible period care facilitates a welcoming environment for all menstruators

 the tABOO range

We are so proud of our range of period products. Not only are our tampons plastic free, our whole range is sustainably made and biodegradable! Find out more about our range below.

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Sustainable Organic Cotton Products 

Profits + advocacy efforts fighting period poverty

South Australian owned + female founded

How it works 

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Step 1

We've done all the hard work!
Fill TABOO's Tampon Calculator™ with your organisation's details, to understand how many period products your employees require.

wholesale tampons and pads

Step 2

Create a Cycle Supply Account and place your first order with the quantities given to you.

wholesale tampons and pads

Step 3

Your period products will be sent out and your community is now one step closer to ending period poverty!

Community initiatives supporting their community with accessible period products

"The Goodwood Saints Football Club is committed to being a driver for change and a part of this commitment we have teamed with TABOO to supply not only our players and members inside our clubrooms but also the local community who use the public toilets with free sanitary products. We are also committed to have the conversations about menstruation and to debug the social stigma surrounding these discussions. We are proud to support TABOO."
Christine Newberry
Club Administrator, Goodwood Saints Football Club

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