Our Values


TABOO is all about providing high quality, ethical and sustainable products that contribute to effective, sustainable change through our social enterprise model.

 Comforting hands around a woman, surrounded by TABOO's pad boxes growing from cotton trees


  • Periods are treated with respect and not stigmatised
  • We believe that menstrual wellbeing is a human right, and is not bound to any gender identity.
  • The range of goods and services offered are of the highest possible quality, encompassing the most diverse range possible
  • We value our environment and will reflect that through company decision making
  • We believe that menstrual wellbeing rights are human rights, not bound to any gender identity
  • Company relationships, both internal and external, are built on honesty and integrity
  • We value equality and will not discriminate against any individual or organisation for any reason, including culture, religion, gender identity, wealth or background
  • We champion the social enterprise business model and believe it is a powerful tool for effective, sustainable change