Period Product Dispensing Unit - Large

  • $650.00

Wall mounted pad and tampon dispensing unit. Suitable for all workplace, school, university, venue and community centre bathrooms with high foot traffic

  • High Capacity (can store up to 300 tampons and 60 pads at one time)
  • Easy to monitor stock and refill
  • Free dispense – no coins or tokens required
  • Simple to install – no electrical supply required
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Reduces waste and theft
  • Robust and secure metal construction

Dimensions (mm): 474h x 280w x 132d and weighs 6.2kg

Bespoke / co-branded designs can be printed on units upon request for an additional charge. 

*PLEASE NOTE- Please allow between 6-8 weeks for delivery for these dispensing units*