Organic Cotton Pads

  • $6.90
MEET OUR PADS Organic cotton regular pads with wings

Our trusted pads are made with 100% certified organic cotton, meaning they are naturally soft, comfortable and have wings for a secure fit to your knickers. All company profits are dedicated to eradicating period poverty. Our pads are the right choice for you, people experiencing period poverty, and the planet!  
  • 10 organic cotton pads
  • Regular absorbency
  • Hypoallergenic & non-irritant 

Made with 

100% Organic cotton (this means they are biodegradable!)

Made without 
Pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers 


Chlorine bleaching 


Subscription details 

You might not be able to control your cycle, but you can control your period subscription! Period Product Subscriptions are automatic and customisable. When it’s time to deliver your product, all you have to do is wait - TABOO HQ will do all of the work for you!

1. Choose your products one by one (if you’d like both tampons and pads, add each product to your cart individually). 

2. Choose your shipping preference: you can have your order delivered in one, two or three month intervals. This means you can have one months’ supply delivered every month or, to save on shipping, three months’ supply delivered once every three months!

How does payment work? When you sign up for your subscription your card is charged immediately for the first order. Your card will then be charged automatically when your next delivery is shipped.

Skipping, changing and cancelling your subscription: You can skip your subscription delivery, edit the items in your order, or cancel your subscription up until 24 hours before the next rostered shipping. You can change it as often and as much as you like. Your unique period, your unique service!

Reminders: You’ll get a subscription reminder email from us two days before your package fly’s off in the mail and another once the package leaves our office.



Produced in a warehouse that’s powered by hydroelectricity. The plant naturally produces more electricity than is used for manufacturing.

Organic cotton is biodegradable.

Our manufacturer guarantees the workers’ rights in the whole cultivation and production chain, from harvesting the cotton to the end product.

Packaged in recycled cardboard, and are again recyclable. 

Shipping and delivery 

Shipping Australia wide 

$7 flat rate on all orders Australia wide 

All orders are shipped via Australia Post on the same or following business day (except for public holidays and weekends)

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