A conversation about Period Poverty

A conversation about Period Poverty

 Alternative materials for period management, such as socks, rags or sponges are often unsafe solutions for people, making them vulnerable to severe infection and irritation. They are also less reliable in absorbing menstrual blood, so users often develop anxiety about their menstrual blood leaking through, and staining their clothes, causing people to avoid their day-to-day commitments (such as work or school). 

We have also learnt that people will attempt to reuse their tampon by rinsing out the tampon with water, to then reuse it again. Doing this drastically heightens the risk of developing ‘toxic shock syndrome’, a serious and sometimes fatal bacterial infection. In fact, even using a tampon once, as intended, carries risk which is why the recommended use time is strictly no more than 8 hours. 

Oliver staring out at the chaos of Saltburn.

SALTBURN (and that one period scene)

If you were one of the people who looked at Oliver Quick feasting like a vampire and thought, ‘am I attracted to do this?’ then don’t let the haters get you down. It is an extremely normal desire to feel wanted in all stages of your cycle. (It is also extremely normal to look at Barry Keoghan and think this in general)