Everything You Need To Know About The Commissioner’s Period Justice Grant

Everything You Need To Know About The Commissioner’s Period Justice Grant

Are you a part of a South Australian community group, arts organisation, sporting club or local government and you’ve always supported the need for proper period care, however you just don’t have the funds for it? Well Helen Connolly, the Commissioner  for Children and Young People might be able to help.

An announcement was made that a Period Justice Grant will be available ‘to support organisations to undertake activities and projects to promote awareness and reduce the stigma associated with periods and menstruation, and to address period poverty.’ 

Sounds perfect for you and your organisation doesn’t it?

The best thing that could happen

  1. Funds that allow you to provide free period care within your community.
  2. Money that you can put towards menstrual education for your communities.
  3. An allocation that allows you to build awareness about period poverty within your communities.
  4. A budget that goes towards providing easy access to toilets and disposal units in your community spaces

This will result in your organisation reducing the stigma of periods and menstruation across the broader SA community. (You can find stories about what past grant recipients have achieved with their funding here and why it's so important to have proper period care here)

The worst thing that could happen

  1. You don’t get the grant and you get on with your day.

I know what you’re thinking. Applying for a grant sounds like a whole lot of work. If only there was a comprehensive step by step guide on what to do. 

A comprehensive step by step guide on applying for the Period Justice Grant.

  1. Download and read the Commissioner’s Small Grant Program Guidelines for 2024 
  2. Open up the online application form here.
  3. Tick, Period Justice Grant.
  4. Fill in your organisation's details, such as its name, ABN and registered address.
  5. Type out your organisation's authorised officers' contact details. This includes name, email and position within the organisation. 
  6. Follow the prompts and fill out the project details.
  7. This area also requires you to add in the project's expenses, if you want a quote for the following you can find more information linked below. 
  1. Calculate period product expenses here.
  2. Find out how much a period product dispenser is here.
  3. Book a workshop with Eva, our accredited exercise physiologist with a Masters in both Women’s Health Medicine and Reproductive Medicine.

Once you’re happy with your application, check the date and make sure it's on or before Friday the 29th of March and then submit it. 

A half hour's worth of work that could result in a lifetime of change.



“If you have any questions about the Commissioner’s 2024 Small Grants Program including what projects would be most suitable, please contact Emma Houghton at emma.houghton@sa.gov.au or phone Emma on 08 8226 3396.”