January 2019 Business Update

January 2019 Business Update

January! What a month. The last 30 or so days have been jam packed full of things that tell us that the launch of our product is not far away! It’s been an incredibly encouraging month. We were especially encouraged by the photoshoot that was done for our final product box designs (pad and tampon boxes)! Leading up to the launch, we’ve been working through some important things such as insurance and research. Our marketing legend Harriet has been furiously plugging away at pre-order promotion preparation and Ali, between commitments at her full time job, has been writing fabulous publications like this newsletter. 

*BREAKING NEWS* WE HAVE A NEW TEAM MEMBER!!! It seems as though Jaida is an angel who’s fallen from the sky to bless our team with her hard work and organisation. She has taken the responsibility of guiding and working with our ambassadors! If you’re an ambassador of taboo you’ve probably had a chat with her already. If you’d like to be an ambassador, Jaida will be the lovely lady to help you through the sign up process and journey. 

Speaking of ambassadors, there are a couple of champions that have started a taboo club at ANU Canberra! It’s called TABOO ANU if you want to suss out their plans on Facebook. We are so excited about having a large presence in ANU in the form of a club and encourage any of you to get in touch with us if you would like to start a taboo club at your own University or school. 

At the end of December we moved into our new office space which is one of our old bedrooms! It’s a great big room that thankfully has enough space to house our 5 person team. (PS: if you have any spare office furniture lying around, we’d love to hear from you!)

Eloise has been in Indonesia for nearly 3 weeks now learning about government and business in Indonesia. She’s been researching into menstrual health care where she can and has learnt a lot from her time there both in regards to business and global menstrual healthcare. She’ll be publishing some writing about her time there and what she learnt!

Other highlights of the month involve our presentation at a ylead conference in Adelaide. This was particularly exciting, as Eloise and Isobel were inspired to start TABOO at a lead conference exactly 3 years ago! It was an absolute honour to be a keynote speaker at a conference we cherish and appreciate so much. If you would like TABOO to speak at your office, school or club, please making contact using the email home@tabooau.co. We would love to hear from you and make some plans together! 

That’s it for now boos, as always get in touch if you have any questions or comments!