Here at TABOO, we’re passionate about universal access to sanitary products, and empowering women and girls around the world with the knowledge and resources to safely manage their periods. When you purchase our pads and tampons, all of our net profits will be going to One Girl’s education programs in Sierra Leone and Uganda! One Girl supports girls and young women with business skills, affordable sanitary products, education in menstrual hygiene, water and sanitation and high-school scholarships. Everything she needs to thrive and be the best she can be! All of One Girl’s programs are sustainable and support the local economy to holistically address the barriers that girls face to education.  

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To care for our sisters in Australia, we have partnered with Vinnies Women’s Crisis centre to offer our customers the option to subscribe to TABOO’s pads and tampons on behalf of a woman who is requiring emergency accommodation in SA. Most commonly, it is due to domestic violence that leads a woman to seek the services of The Women’s Crisis Centre. 

“In the Adelaide metro area alone, South Australian police receive around 400 calls each week on domestic violence matters, with 10% of these considered high risk.” 

Free access to pads and tampons provides vital and practical support for these women, as financial pressures and dangers of leaving the centre can come with significant stress and burdens . Your subscription can include a chosen number of pad and/or tampon packs that will be directly supporting women in crisis situations – and you won’t even have to pay for postage!  At the end of each month, we will gather all the donated items and deliver them to Vinnies Women’s Crisis Centre.  

If you would like to subscribe on behalf of a woman in emergency care in SA, please click here
To learn more about the centre, click here.

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