The Flow

A Podcast by TABOO

The Flow is a weekly women's health podcast hosted by TABOO team members Ophelia Veloudous, Eloise Hall and Isobel Marshall. It showcases the hosts’ own experiences and invites many other perspectives to the table with some phenomenal guests. These babes will be filling your ears with conversations that matter: health, wellbeing, gender equality, menstrual management and more! Get ready to be empowered, entertained and excited about the things you’ll learn from The Flow.

womens health feminist podcast

About The Hosts

Ophelia Veloudos
Ophelia is passionate about empowering people to understand their bodies and the amazing things they can do. On The Flow, Ophelia will take a no-filter approach to question what we have been told by society and culture to believe about our bodies.

Eloise Hall
Eloise is shameless about most conventionally uncomfortable topics and is in awe of natural processes. She’s a nerd for business, politics and culture and loves to have a laugh about the most stupid of things, especially in front of The Flow mic.

Isobel Marshall
Izzy is passionate about people around the world being empowered through access to reproductive understanding and support. On the Flow, Izzy strives to create curious, raw conversation and considers all sorts of perspectives.

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