The Hundred Year's War, 2021 - Chiranjika Grasby (she/they)

  • $200.00

Oil on Linen with Sculpture 20.5 x 20.5 cm

The Hundred Year’s War is a representation of sacrifice, strength, and inner turmoil.
Directly referencing Joan of Arc by French artist Charles-Amable Lenoir (1860-1926), it depicts the artist in the role of Joan. They’re depicted holding a sword sprayed with red blood, yet their hands and armour remain clean.

Chiranjika (Chira) Grasby is a Tattooist, emerging visual artist, and emerging curator. Their work is inspired by their lived experience as a queer autistic artist of culturally diverse background. It’s their hope that their artworks serve as a catalyst for conversation and togetherness, to provide a sense of solidarity to the sidelined, and to forge a mutually beneficial support system within the POC population of their arts community. // @poko_ono

Painting can be shipped or picked up from 2 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide, 5000. Please email to discuss delivery options upon purchasing.