Can organic cotton period products shorten my period?

Can organic cotton period products shorten my period?

We know there’s many benefits to using organic cotton period products, both for the environment and your body. In fact, we’ve written a whole blog post on those benefits before. Whether you’re especially sensitive down below or are concerned about the pesticides used to grow non-organic and partly synthetic period products, we’ve pretty much established that organic cotton is a much better option for single use items like pads and tampons.

Recently some reports have emerged from users of organic cotton period products that they had noticed a change in the length of time they bled each month. In fact, they claimed they were bleeding for a much shorter length of time each month, with some Twitter users saying the periods had shortened from 7 to 8 days, down to 4 days. Woah! While we at TABOO celebrate periods for the natural and beautiful process they are, a shorter period can be ideal and the goal for some who may experience irregular or painful periods, or just straight up find them to be a nuisance. But we couldn’t help but wonder… How is the use of organic cotton shortening the length of people’s periods? We simply had to know more.

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We’re sorry to burst your bubble but according to health care experts, organic cotton period products have no effect on the length of your menstrual cycle. Don’t shoot the messenger, but let us explain. Recently Dr. Daniel M. Breitkopf, an Ob/Gyn at the Mayo Clinic, told USA Today that there could be a different explanation as to why some people who bleed experience shorter periods or other changes in their flow while using organic cotton tampons in particular.

“The device is going into the body so that could change things, but there’s no scientific evidence that’s the case,” Doctor Breitkopf told USA TODAY.

“Menstruation can change naturally from month to month,” he said. “Stress affects menses and that’s probably the biggest thing from a month-to-month or year-to-year basis, but menses also changes closer to menopause.”

Unfortunately until more scientific research is done in this very specific area on the effects of organic cotton pads and tampons on the body and menstrual cycle, we can’t be 100% sure they are the cause of the shortened periods, but it seems unlikely and that other factors are actually at play.

When it comes to choosing the products you use on the most intimate areas of your body it’s all about informed choice. While we can’t say that organic cotton tampons will shorten the length of your period, there are so many other reasons why they’re a fantastic choice for when Aunt Flow comes knocking.

If you experience any changes in your menstrual cycle it’s always a good idea to have a chat to your GP about this. They will also have information on options if you’re looking to shorten the length of your period for lifestyle or health reasons.


  • Posted by Di on

    I started using organic pads and tampons last month. After decades on the main stream brands. I can tell you for sure my cycle has changed! I’m not coming close to having heavy cycles. I feel like I just spot. This has never happened. My periods are regular and usually are always the same. Remember doctors are practicing medicine there somethings their practice has not exposed them to. Organic just may be the thing that’s helps those suffering from gyno/ fertility issues. More research should be done in this area!!

  • Posted by Enjoi P on

    This month was my fist time trying organic tampons for someone who usually bleeds 5-7 days WITHOUT A DOUBT these organic tampons have shortened my period. My period lasted only 4 days this month.

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