Choosing Ethically

Choosing Ethically

It's that happy time of the year again folks. You know the one where you have to haul your sorry self to the nearest overcrowded shopping mall on what is probably a stinking hot summer's day and navigate the hell on earth that is the cark park. Forget about it! There, with Michael Buble's heavenly voice crooning in the background, you'll have to make the age old decision; socks or undies for Dad this year? Better text Mum and ask what he wants anyway. If you're really savvy maybe you'll do all your Chrissy shopping online and avoid the crowds all together. Good choice! I could tell you were a smart cookie the moment I laid eyes on you.


But how often do we stop and think for a beat before we make a purchase, especially a gift, about where that item came from, how it was made, who made it and what impact that process has on our earth? Probably not often enough if we're being honest. We're all very  busy and important people with a lot on our plates so we can be forgiven for not realising how powerful the decisions we make at the cash register can truly be. Making just a small change in the ways we shop and consume everyday items can have a massive change to another person and the world around us.


The 2013 collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory complex that killed over 1,100 workers outraged the world but didn't really change our shopping habits. Clothing was manufactured in this factory for Walmart, Mango and Primark, just to name a few. Compalints that the building was unsafe for workers went unheard because the world's desire for 'fast fashion' overrides that of our desire to keep each other safe. However, our problem with our love of consumption doesn't just extend to the clothing industry. If you've been living under a rock you  may not have seen the heart wrenching video of a sea turtle having a plastic straw removed from it's nasal passage. Not only does the process of removal  look incredibly painful for the animal but the fact that a plastic straw is a completely useless tool for most people, adds salt to the literal wound. If humanity made the ethical decision to slow down their need for fast fashion and needless plastics like straws, these atrocities become completely avoidable.

To help ease this burden placed on your lovely shoulders there exists a number of accreditations in Australia that you can look for when making a purchase. One of them is Ethical Clothing Australia an accreditation board that works with clothing and footwear companies manufacturing in Australia. If you see one of their 'e' logos on an item you can be assured that their supply chains are fully transparent and compliant, meaning the people making the clothes you buy are working in a safe environment and are paid fairly. Huzzah!

If it's a spot of late night shopping you're looking for, we've got you covered too with From Found, Well Made Clothes and Everlane, all of which sell some very groovy threads sourced solely through ethical means. And still stumped on that stocking stuffer for Dad? Bin the socks and jocks for maybe just one year and go for a set of gorgeous stainless steel straws instead. They're fun and the turtles of the world will surely thank you and your Pops.

Taboo Sanitary Products would be remiss if we ourselves did not make decisions that were informed by an awareness and respect for where our products come from and how they're made. It has been an intrinsic part of our mission to ensure that we are and always will be an ethical business that offers our customers 100% transparency in our operations. If you'd like to find out more about where Taboo's future products are manufactured and what they're made from, go here!

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