The Business End November 2018

The Business End November 2018

t’s all happening at TABOO HQ, boos!

Two of our main projects this month have involved finalising our product design, and designing and confirming our new line of TABOO tees (which by the way are funky AS, super comfy and very versatile)!!

Currently, the tees are set to arrive just before Christmas, and so expect to see a nice pre-order form released very soon, so that we can get your tees delivered in time to sneak under the Christmas tree in time!!

Before then, think: groovy, retro and colourful. That’s what you’ll be getting! Photos and pre-order forms will be released early next month.

In other news,  Archie’s Clubhouse (a popup club on a river) hosted an awesome event called Kick-On with a Cause on Sunday the 25th. We felt so fortunate to have been chosen by Archie’s amazing team as the recipient of their $1 a drink donations!! Some images are included below. Thanks Archie’s! We had such a great time and love how you make donating so much fun!

Other than that, we have had a great time at various presentations, catching up with amazing ambassadors to discuss plans, and meeting amazing and inspiring people along the way.


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