December Business Update

December Business Update

December 2020 was certainly an exciting month to wrap up an extraordinary year! 

This month our Aussie outreach program spanned across the country, mainland and beyond, as we delivered 48 boxes of product to Red Lilly Health, 96 boxes to NPY Women’s Council, 50 to Baptist World Aid Australia, 54 boxes to a school in Bathurst Island and 96 boxes to a Nurse in the Tiwi Islands. 

Not only has a huge amount of our product been supporting people who are at risk of period poverty, but it’s been selling rapidly in retail spaces across the south of the country. We’ve sent off more and more product to National Pharmacies, OTR and Malvern IGA and are so thankful for the success of our product in stores. We are very much looking forward to the retail success that is to come in 2021! 

On the 4th of December, we launched one of our largest campaigns yet, #tagyourtaboo. It’s designed to break the harmful stigma of periods and in turn, empower those who bleed through the awareness driven campaign! (read here) On the back of some media coverage in November, Isobel and I were thankful to feature in the boxing day spread in the Advertiser titling “Our inspiration: 10 stories of South Australians’ courage and integrity."


The team has been actively chatting to some more amazing students as we prepare for opportunities with Universities and Schools to further enhance our presence in these spaces, including O’week stalls at South Aussie Universities. 

We’ve been meeting with tech and sales professionals to improve our e-commerce platform and can’t wait to see the progress of these meetings in early 2021.

Toward the end of the month we celebrated in style, treating the whole team (apart from our lovely VIC volunteers) to a hard-earned dinner out. It was a joy to celebrate the year with the very 10 people who made it all happen. After a year of hard work, momentum, blood sweat and tampons, we made sure that the TABOO team had some time off and called the working year off on the 21st of December. We’ll be back on the 11th of January for another, startlingly exciting year of breaking the stigma of periods and tackling period poverty through the sale of our very treasured range of menstrual health care products.

I hope that everyone reading this has had a restful, peaceful and joyful time off, ready for the highly anticipated year of 2021. We’ll see you there. 

xx Eloise


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