January Business Update

January Business Update

Happy New year? I think we might be a little late for that considering that the last month has felt like 3 years AT LEAST for TABOO HQ!

The first two weeks of January, the team spent some time relaxing, enjoying the last slice of the Christmas break. Week 3 of January we were blissfully unaware of what was to come and spent some time planning the year ahead, meeting up as a team casually chatting about our plans for the next few months ahead. We organised an intern from Adelaide Uni to join us (of which we are still very much looking forward to!). Our Director was interviewed for a postgraduate research project exploring women in Start-up spaces in Adelaide and interviewed for the Chanel 44 show “Couch 44”. She continued delivering orders to National Pharmacies in a hatch-back Renault, and the online orders were steady. Then, the all anticipated Australian of the Year awards were hosted in the last week of January. Our co-founder Izzy jumped on a plane to Canberra, where she tapped elbows with Scomo, and ventured into what was to be one of the most elevating moments of TABOO’s mission so far. SHE WON! Yep. If you haven’t already, please watch Isobel’s acceptance speech here, we are so proud! 

Within hours of the awards being announced, it was obvious to us that a hatch-back Renault wouldn’t be a sustainable delivery vehicle anymore, we watched online orders go from steady to uncontrollable, and our calendars tripled with commitments! These are the good kind of problems we’ve been waiting for! To make the most of this exciting momentum, Isobel (Co-Founder + Health and Education) has decided to defer a year of study, Harriet (Marketing Manager) has decided to defer some time of her PHD, and Eloise (Co-Founder and Director) has also pulled back from part time employment and study commitments. The rest of our incredible core contributors are as excited as ever too, all ready to keep running, full steam ahead with what’s to come. 

It is an understatement to say we are excited for the year ahead of us. Golden opportunities have already been flowing into our emails and inboxes, we can’t wait to reveal some of them to you soon! We are so thankful that there is now a national stage to discuss period poverty and its harmful effects. It’s an honour to lead the way in this space, thank you ALL for your support, it means the world to us!

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