March Business Update

March Business Update

In Adelaide, March is commonly referred to as Mad March due to the enormous amount of festivals and events that are hosted in our home state. At TABOO we could argue that every month is Mad for us and that’s just the way we like it!

The excitement of this month started off on the 6th, with our co-founder Eloise Hall speaking at two different events for International Womens’ day. Firstly, Pedare Christian Collage in Adelaide hosted a breakfast with students, mothers and grandmothers to celebrate the strength and determination of women. It was an honour to have TABOO’s story shared at this event. From Golden Grove, Eloise drove straight into town to represent TABOO on a panel of speakers at Hit 107’s event “Brunch with Bec”. Rebecca Morse was the host of the morning and Eloise spoke alongside Tammy Barton from My Budget, and Lauren Delina from Westfield SA. It was an empowering day that reminded us of the intelligence and bravery women have around the world, including those in our own state. That afternoon, the heeled boots came off and we threw our painting gear on to paint the set for our new campaign video. We can’t share too much with you now, but just be prepared for some fun content to come out on social media sometime this month! If you aren’t already, make sure you’re following us on Instagram @taboosanitaryproducts.

On another note, our team has been working hard on a few other new projects this month, including an education-based program, that we can’t wait to share with you!

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you would have seen that a new local wine label Silent Noise has decided to give TABOO $2 per every case of wine they sell! Please check out their range (the cloudy chardonnay is one of our favourites).

This wouldn’t be a business update if we didn’t mention the all-important Quarterly planning that we’ve been undertaking this year. We had a fantastic session through ThincLab in the last week of March, where we unpacked lots of business opportunities and planned our strategy for the next 90 days.

We are still looking forward to some more retail opportunities this year but can’t ever forget about the ongoing support we have from IGA in Malvern. This loyal store has ordered its fifth batch of product from us this month and has informed us that our range is selling 6 times better than some of our competitors. We are so grateful for the community that walks through their doors, and their ability to think globally when looking at the sanitary products isle. We are so excited about how popular our range has been so far and cannot wait for when we’re in a position to finally make a donation to our charity OneGirl.  

That’s a wrap for the business update this month Boos. As always, thank you so much for your support and if you want to get in touch with us, please contact us at

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