Tag Your Taboo

Tag Your Taboo

A lack of education, money and social awareness means that what you and I take for granted ever day is blatantly missing from many women’s lives globally. Because it’s taboo

Although you may have access to all of the sanitary items you need when your period arrives, we’re sure you’ve experienced stigma. Have you hidden a pad up your sleeve on the way to the toilets at school? Coughed while ripping a tampon open in the cubicles? Struggled to have a conversation with your partner about periods because it’s such an uncomfortable topic for them?  

Bleeding is normal. It happens to so many of us. 

And at TABOO, we want to tackle global period poverty. 


So, we’re asking you to join us. Help us empower and support women around the world. Help us break the stigma. Because it’s normal and nothing to be ashamed of. 

Next time your period arrives, we’re asking you to shout it out. Loudly, proudly. We’re asking you to #TagYourTaboo! 

Your strength makes others stronger and when we work together we’re powerful. Together, anything is possible. 

















  1. Take a photo of yourself when you have your period.
  2. Post it on Instagram. 
  3. Tag @taboosanitaryproducts over your uterus. 
  4. Add a stigma smashing caption. We’ve written a selection below if you feel like a quick copy and paste! 
  5. Use #tagyourtaboo to join the stigma-breaking community.
  6. That’s it. Period. 


Period Power. #tagyourtaboo 

Bleeding Love. #tagyourtaboo 

Bleeding is normal. Period. #tagyourtaboo 

Help me break the stigma around periods and tackle global period poverty. #tagyourtaboo 

Periods are the reason we exist, so why are we so ashamed to talk about them? #tagyourtaboo 

Hands up if you’ve ever coughed loudly while ripping open a pad or tampon in the toilet cubicle. Let’s scrap that! #tagyourtaboo 

Unashamed to say I’ve got my period. #tagyourtaboo

Half the world will experience periods in their lifetime. Let’s talk about them. #tagyourtaboo

Who else is tired of having to hide the pads and tampons at the bottom of my shopping trolley? Let’s break the stigma together! #tagyourtaboo  

If you’ve ever had to awkwardly and quietly explain to someone that you’ve got your period, this is for you. #tagyourtaboo 

Did you know 65% of women in Kenya cannot afford sanitary products? Let’s break the cycle and kick period poverty to the curb. #tagyourtaboo  

In Sierra Leone, 90% of the women and girls surveyed had never heard of a sanitary pad. That’s period poverty. We’re lucky enough to have access to the facilities and products needed, but many around the world are not so fortunate. In Sierra Leone, girls miss around 50 school days every year due to their period. Let’s tackle global period poverty. #tagyourtaboo  

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